The Art of Social Media




Understand how to create authentic, consistent & engaging content from a brand & product!

With templates to help you schedule, build and share your content effectively.


We are all creative. learning how to articulate your message is art.

Discover how fun it can be to do social media and how amazing it is to experiment and shape your future business or brand. 

What's inside the course?

The Art of Social Media

1. Overall Meaning of Social Media – Here we look at all the existing social media platforms their key function and the general goals of a social media platform

2. Instagram – We are going to look at the current way Instagram works, the new elements and different platforms to schedule we like to use.

3. Facebook – Here we unpack Facebook and how it’s shaping as we speak, the different elements including Facebook ads.

4. Twitter – We touch on the basics of Twitter and where and how it is used.

5. LinkedIn – We go over LinkedIn, what the possibilities of use it offers.

6. Tik Tok – Learning about Tik Tok and how you can use it for your business

7. Content & Scheduling – This is where we go over the different ways to create content, the best softwares and how to keep it simple yet looking beautiful! We also touch on scheduling tools.

Meet Your Coach!

Scarlett Vespa
Brand Expert & Success Coach

With a media and advertising career spanning over 25 years, Scarlett’s journey only underscores her resilience. From working on set with Hollywood heavyweights such as Nicole Kidman and Jack Thompson to being named one of the first female TVC Directors in Australia, Scarlett was never one to allow gender to stand in the way of her success. She would go on to work in corporate advertising with brands such as Disney, David Jones, Westfield including being head of Broadcast for the Commonwealth Bank and generate million dollar revenues until a shift away from corporate to follow her passion changed everything.

In this course, Scarlett with guide and support you as you build your dream business.

Is this for you?

Ask yourself if any of these are true before you join…

1. I am overwhelmed with what to do on social media for your brand?
2. I am willing to follow the guidance and steps we give in the course?
3. I am scared that I won’t cope or know what to do when I learn?
4. I want to feel excited and mange my own social media?
5. I am committed to being the best version of YOU?

If you answered yes to all 5 above, then you are going to totally transform, excited for you. 

The Art of Social Media

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